Master Think and Grow Rich

Master the secrets to the book that's created more millionaires than any other…Learn how turn your thoughts and desires into their physical reality through a proven system of success.


What you will learn & experience...

  • How to MASTER the book Think and Grow Rich. In this Masterclass, we will give you all the education, experience and tools you need to master the book Think and Grow Rich.
  • Turning Your Desires/Thoughts into Physical Reality! You will achieve more of what you want. You will learn a systematic formula of success to turn your desires into reality. We will start small - by the way you are already doing it - and then we will GO BIG!
  • A Dramatic INCREASE in Self Confidence. You will learn about the self confidence formula and as you gain success you will become more self confident. You will carry yourself differently. People will respect you more, they will ask "how did you do that?"
  • About the Lost Pages. There were two lost pages from the original edition of the book that most people never read. These were Napoleon Hill's personal instructions on HOW to read and APPLY the Secrets in his book Think and Grow Rich. This will completely change the way you read the book.
  • Creating Your Bring About Statement. One of the most powerful things you will do is to create the perfect Bring About Statement for you. This will be a complete statement of what you will bring about into your physical world from your inner mental world. This includes not only your goal but what you will give in return for the goal, the initial plan to make that goal happen, your initial first step and the reward you will enjoy once it's accomplished.
  • How to Stop Running in the Fog and Gain Complete Clarity. It all starts with a clear, a very clear, picture of where you want to go. You will gain complete clarity and feel the power that comes from knowing exactly what you want.
  • How to Take Control of Your Thoughts. Your most powerful tool of all is your mind. Taking control of your mind and your thoughts is not easy but we will show you have to do it 100% of the time. You will learn how to program your subconscious mind and put it to work for you 24/7.
  • How to Create a Plan that Can Not Fail - Ever. You will learn how to create a plan to achieve your Bring About Statement (your goal). A plan that cannot fail - ever. It and you will be undefeatable.
  • To Tap Into the Mind Power of Others. Most Bring About Statements contain LARGE Goals. To accomplish these often requires the power of other people. You will learn how to tap into that power to not only to help you achieve your goal but to simultaneously help them as well.
Master Think and Grow Rich

Gain Clarity, Motivation & that Inner Knowing...


Gain clarity as I walk you through the most important thing you MUST do BEFORE you begin reading the book!


Become ENERGIZED as you discover how to tap into the power of your strongest desires.


Become unstoppable as your belief and faith in yourself skyrockets. You quickly develop an inner knowing that you can do it.


This is what matters most - your results. You will get results and not just small results but overflowing daily, weekly, monthly and yearly results.

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Masterclass 16 Lessons (40 Minutes Each)

  • Lesson 1 - Welcome

Revealed the SECRET that’s never been revealed
“Whatever you can conceive and believe you can achieve – as long as it does not violate the laws of God, nature or man.”
Review of the Mastering Think and Grow Rich Guide book

  • Lesson 2 – Thoughts are Things – very powerful things

Why you are the master of your fate!
Thought Awareness
Success Consciousness

  • Lesson 3 - Desire

Turning Desire (Thoughts) into Things – Physical Reality
Learning from a Magnifying Glass
6 step plan to turn desire into physical reality –spaced repetition

  • Lesson 4 - Faith

Most Powerful Ways to Induce/Increase Faith
Developing YOUR FAITH – increasing YOUR Power & YOUR Results
The GARDEN of your Mind - planting the seeds – vibrations of Faith
Small SAIL BOAT with you at the helm

  • Lesson 5 - Autosuggestion

Getting the most from Autosuggestion
Positive Affirmations & Visualization
Progressive Visualization an advanced concept
Reverse Visualization an advanced concept

  • Lesson 6 – Specialized Knowledge

Dependable sources of Specialized Knowledge?
You’re NOW an Educated Person!
The Silent Salesman…
The Secret R2/A2 Formula – practical method for gaining knowledge
HOW to Actionize it now?

  • Lesson 7 – Imagination

Why Imagination so important? - Albert Einstein Quotes…
Defining Imagination, Synthetic, Creative Imagination
How do you increase your imagination power!!!
Lateral Thinking – you will never be at a loss for ideas again!
Examples - Coca Cola & Dr. Frank.
How Powerful is The POWER MOMENT?

  • Lesson 8 – Organized Planning

Specific Instructions for Organized Planning
Making Plans – the Introduction to the Master Mind group
Your Value to the Marketplace
Napoleon Hill Creates $25,000 (would be over $500,000 in today’s dollars)
Personal Leadership & Serious Self Analysis

  • Lesson 9 Decision – the key bridge to action

What kinds of decisions are best?
You’re already doing it!
Making the BEST Decisions a Habit!
Good Decisions & Bad Decisions
Decision – The Key to Completely Remove Worry from Your Life!

  • Lesson 10 Persistence

Would you like … questions
Four Essential Steps
The BIGGEST Mistake in LIFE…
How to develop better/stronger Persistence…
Fear becomes Fuel - how to do it
Do you know exactly what you want in life?

  • Lesson 11 Power of the Master Mind

The Third Mind…
A Simple Example from Napoleon Hill
Mapping out Your Master Mind Meeting a key skill to master!
The Stream of Life

  • Lesson 12 The Mystery of Transmutation

Mind Stimulation – Sexuality & Love the most powerful
Sitting for Ideas – combination of mind stimulation & transmutation

  • Lesson 13 – The Subconscious Mind – extremely powerful & the connecting link

What does the Subconscious Mind Do?
What to Plant into your Subconscious Mind
What not to plant into your Subconscious Mind…
How to Plant something into your Subconscious Mind

  • Lesson 14 – The Brain – extremely powerful & the connecting link

Your Greatest Power - The 3lb Tool
Broadcasting & Receiving Thought Waves

  • Lesson 15 - “The Sixth Sense – The Door to the Temple of Wisdom –

ADVANCED stuff – need the fundamentals before attempting this one!
What is the 6th Sense?
How do you develop your 6th Sense?
Let Great People Shape Your Life! – Invisible Counselors

  • Lesson 16 - Outwitting the Six Ghosts of Fear & Special GUEST!

“Take Inventory of Yourself as you read this closing chapter and find out how many of the ghosts are standing in your way”
What is Fear?
The CURE for all Fear
Avoiding The Devil’s Workshop – Never go Negative – Stay Positive
The Master Key
Making it Happen
Special Guest!
Class Alumni Benefits

Master Think and Grow Rich

What others are saying...



“Not only is Blaine an expert on Think and Grow Rich, his keen insight on the "missing pages" is an added bonus revealed when you read his book. His understanding, analysis and explanations captures Napoleon Hill's success principles in easy to understand and apply format. Blaine's interpretation of Think and Grow Rich should be required reading for all business owners” 

Jack Morrison, Attorney

“I've participated in several of Blaine's training on Think and Grow Rich over the years. He uncovers important and valuable details that the average reader would miss. I consider Blaine one of the greatest living authorities on Think and Grow Rich and Napoleon Hill.”

Steve Burns,
CEO Alethia Corporation



“The first time I read Think and Grow Rich was in a study group with Blaine almost 10 year ago. We used Blaine's study Guide as we went through chapter by chapter. That was a great way to not only read, but to consider and apply what we had learned to our lives today. Since then, I have read the book at least 3 more times, and I wish I had ready it twenty years ago!” 

Susan Raisanen, President Profit Finder Pro

“My passion and application of the principles found in the book "Think and Grow Rich", went through the roof after hearing Blaine teach about the book last summer. Blaine's insights and teachings of the principles found in the book made it easy for me to apply to my life. My experience with his Master classes changed my business and personal life forever.”

Jean Ellenberger,
Owner San Tan Upholstery



“I have known and worked with Blaine for many years. His easy to follow advice, mentoring, and counsel has been time well spent. Blaine is a serial entrepreneur and I feel blessed to know him and profit from his guidance. In business, we must have results, he has a path for every challenge, get involved, invest in your future, learn!” 

Frank Cunningham, President World Wide Stone Corporation

“Blaine Oelkers is an expert in helping entrepreneurs achieve their desired greatness. Blaine simplifies Napoleon Hill's lessons in his simple to use study guide and creates an instant path to personal and financial freedom through the principle of WYTAYBA.”

Richard James,
Founder & President of Partners Club



“Blaine's knowledge of Think and Grow Rich, especially the use and implementation of Mastermind groups and Masterclasses had been instrumental in growing my business and my revenue.” 

Sue Berliner, Founder & Owner b Naked Chocolates

“How can one page, the very first page of a book be so important? When your teacher is Blaine Oelkers and the book/class is Think and Grow Rich, he shows that the first page, a page in the original but not in later versions, changes everything. Reading it with Blaine's guidance makes it 1000% better.”

Catherin Cohen,
Business Strategist



Students from the LIVE CLASSES





I'm Blaine your Chief Results Officer. I discovered Think and Grow Rich at an early age while I was attending Purdue University in Indiana. It helped me realize I could turn thoughts into things.

It wasn't until I bought one of the original 5,000 copies that I discovered the lost instructional pages from Napoleon Hill that made all the difference. With in just a few months after that my business value went from a $300,000 to over a million dollars.

It was because of what I learned and APPLIED that made all the difference. I'm ready to guide you step by step.

I will walk you through each chapter and help you actionize the book. I've helped a lot of people finally Think and Grow Rich - now it's your turn. Let's do this.

Blaine Oelkers, America's Chief Results Officer©

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4. Private Facebook Group of You, Me & the other Students. We already have over 50 Students and I'm not sure how many more I want but we are working together as a group on Facebook. We share our Bring About Statements, we help, support and encourage each other. There are some key aspects of the book that you need to study with other minds and this group will help you do that.

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You are ready to think and grow rich - ready to turn your desires into reality - let's get started.